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Total Syllabus of SEO Course

If a candidate is enrolled in the course he should know the course and syllabus. This is the most vital part of any course. The syllabus clearly signifies the subjects that are included within it. It will also provide the student about the complete knowledge of the subjects that he has to go through. At the same time, it is also essential to maintain the syllabus. You can take part on SEO training Borivali to learn the course the best way.

Overview of the Syllabus:

Now let’s go through the entire syllabus of the course. This will really help the candidate to get an outer idea about the course.

  • The first is the history of search and introduction initially to SEO. Here the candidate will come to know about how Google works in this media. There will be periodic table that will show the SEO success factors.
  • On-page best practice is the second one. In this part the candidate will form an idea about the basic of HTML. He also forms an overview about anchor text, internal linking etc.
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis is the third thing. The candidate will come to know about the keyword planner tool and also about the competition analysis.
  • SEO friendly design and architecture is the next one. Here the candidate will gain knowledge about the ideas that they have to adopt before designing a website.
  • Technical website optimization is another one where the candidate will know about the URL architecture.
  • The other things that are included in the course is link building, algorithm updates, SEO tracking, the future of SEO.


Apart from this, the candidate has to cover extensive practical assignments. This is the most essential one. The project and the assignments are given to the students that may extend to 1 month. This is mandatory and they had to participate in it.

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