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Tips about SEO that should not be overlooked by the bloggers

People do blogging for several reasons, starting from sharing their knowledge to driving enough traffic to the websites to get better rank among the search results. If you are a blogger then you must be well aware of the facts that are going to determine your fate. Putting up post is not just enough to make it reach to the target audience so you need the help of SEO to do so.

So here are a few things that you shouldn’t avoid if you are a blogger.

  • Whenever the count of click-through is more in search result then it will boost the ranking of your website because it will alert the algorithm to give more value to your blog. So if the rank of your website is relatively low and it is getting enough clicks, then it will raise the ranking. Even if the ranks are slightly higher, but click-throughs are less, then the rankings will eventually fall.
  • When you are using images for linking into the blog, then it will increase the ranking and will also provide you with some diversities related to backlinks. The alt tag will help in informing the search engine about the type of content which your image is holding. So Alt tag will serve as a keyword in such cases.
  • Both outbound and inbound links are very relevant and useful. If you blog quality is high and you are trusted, then people will expect to find your blogs link in other blogs which are of equally high quality.
  • So even if you are providing a short content that is loaded with a lot of information, the search engine will still prioritize the long post or content.

So these are the few things that you should never ignore if you are a blogger. To get more clarity you can opt for the SEO certification courses to learn about the techniques.

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