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New digital marketing tools to be used in 2019

Digital marketing is the need of this era for marketing the product so the new tools that are introduced into the market are stated below:

  • Video Marketing: This year video marketing will be used as an effective marketing technique. It is said that 80% of the entire content will now get transformed into the visual representation. Now you will be getting humor and entertainment along with the overview of the services and product. As every person is having the smartphones so in the social media people are opting for video ads.
  • Artificial intelligence: Due to artificial intelligence, the machine will become enough decisive in order to undertake several strategies to make marketing decisions. So your job will be to provide all the needed data into the machine server and it will provide you with all the suggestions that can help you with the marketing strategies. You can also sync the strategies along with the behavior pattern of your customers. It has been told that it is going to change the marketing ways in the upcoming future starting from this year.
  • Automated Chat Boxes: When you are surfing the internet, you can see that chat boxes are popping onto your screen. Chat boxes are also another weapon of artificial intelligence. You can personalize the chat boxes and make it humorous and they are very fast. It has been stated that IBM is doing at 85% of their interaction with customer services by using machines.
  • Voice Search: We are very much aware of Google home and Alexa nowadays and it is known as smart speakers. It is not only changing the method of the data surfing, but it will also become an effective tool for digital marketing as SEO performed in the website will now also rely on the voice commands.

These are the new implementation that is going to change the way of digital marketing and bring a revolution. You can also hire digital marketing agencies for this job, but pick the ones that are having experts with Digital Marketing Diploma.

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