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Is it ok to opt Navi-Mumbai over Mumbai for Digital Marketing Course?

And the answer is a big yes, you can surely do so. I understand your concern since you might not be willing to travel all the way to Mumbai for this course but there is no reason to worry since Navi Mumbai has already proven its potential of being a preferred destination for professional education. For a digital marketing course vashi is one of the most preferred location in Navi Mumbai. You won’t believe but because of the location many students travel from Mumbai as well.

Major elements covered in a Digital Marketing Course

With the rapid shift of advertising dollars away from traditional media to online platforms, it is becoming increasingly important for marketing graduates to be well-versed in digital marketing & analytics fundamentals.

This upper division college course will provide a solid foundation in the key concepts for these exciting fields.The foundation for everything online is seeing all our brand touchpoints through our users’ eyes. There should be reliance on the power of designing using a user-centric focus for driving an online marketing strategies for successful campaigns. Students will learn how to interview users across various age groups and identify their online habits and preferences in-depth to design the right digital experiences

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without any doubt it is the toughest part of the course, the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers long-tail watchword explore techniques, on-page SEO for a concentration catchphrase, inbound external link establishment, and distinguishing persuasive locales in light of Domain Authority to help online PR endeavors. You’ll do this for your own particular WordPress site utilizing the Yoast SEO module for on-page SEO

Social Media

Next, we’ll build out a social media strategy and campaign against a target market’s preferred outlets and measure engagement for Conversation, Amplification, and Applause. Do you believe Facebook post likes are really that important for a brand presence? You will surely understand the importance of social media being a significant part but not the only tool in the modern marketer’s arsenal.

Online Advertising

It is very important to create an understanding right from the grass root for the basic ease in online paid platforms like Google PPC and Facebook Ads to map target markets, acquisition costs, and retargeting campaigns is very important. Here’s the place we’ll air out a spreadsheet, assess our edges, and contrast cost-per-click with essential measurements like customer lifetime value (CLV) and Average Order Price (AOV) to see if paid ads make sense for customer acquisition.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics is an irresistible tool and a must to learn and understand . Students should generate an encouragement from within to download the mobile app of this tool for daily updates via iOS or Android.

Data Visualization

Finally, we’ll move beyond just crunching numbers to data-visualization for crafting custom dashboards that help our key stakeholders see the important numbers and the changes over time. We’ll rely on Google Data Studio to sync various datasets across Google Analytics, MailChimp, Social, or whatever dataset you like to get the right insights using integration services like Zapier.

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