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How to choose right SEO training institute?

Learning SEO is beneficial because every company needs optimization services, but with it comes the question of which training institute will be the most beneficial for one. There are many questions which arise during choosing- how to choose one with a great syllabus, one which offers great training and more as such. Here’s some criteria on which to judge:

Check their background thoroughly

Check their website thoroughly, go through reviews and also try to contact people who have studied there to get first hand reviews. Remember that if there are no reviews then avoid that institution.

Check its rankings

See how they rank up on Google’s search engine. The matter is simple- if they don’t rank high, then how will they teach their students regarding SEO.

Check what they teach

Make sure that they provide real time SEO training. Along with this, check whether they have organic optimization training, as that will prove to be an added advantage. This is because unless you work on real time projects, you will not gain real world experience.

Job placements

Read about the job assistance offered by the institution. Go through the batch records and check how they were placed. But remember that the target is to enroll in a quality course and beware of places which offer 100% placement rates, they are focused on the money making side more.


Make sure that the syllabus is updated as SEO is not a static subject and the strategies keep on changing every day. It’s always advised to join places that offer both courses and services. This is cause they will keep track of Google’s algorithm to ensure that their clients rank up high on Google.

Where to find a good institution?

SEO training institute Andheri or in nearby places are recommended.

SEO is an ever changing subject, so make sure you verify all possible information before enrolling.

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