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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus: Ideal Topics to Look For in a Course

Digital Marketing Course

The rapid shift of advertising methods from traditional to digital platforms drives marketing graduates to become well-versed in the digital marketing course and fundamentals to gain a solid foundation. This industry is growing at an exponential rate every year, making it one of the most lucrative professions.

The term digital marketing has become the buzzword in the world, where various industries are becoming increasingly digitally competitive. But what does it actually mean? Let’s have a look.

Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process that involves the use of digital technologies to facilitate the marketing/promotion of a product, service or brand. However, with the consistent evolution of the digital marketing landscape, it is difficult to cope with the latest trends and best practices. Therefore, you need to opt for a good digital marketing course to stay ahead of the curve.

Ideal Topics to Look for in a Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

A digital marketing course teaches aspiring individuals how the digital space works and how brands can leverage it for their benefit. The key to achieving success in the digital marketing field is to learn new trends and have a clear knowledge of the basic concepts.

Therefore, when you look for a digital marketing course, you need to be aware of the syllabus. Here are some essential topics that should be present in a digital marketing course.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO courses are probably the most challenging part of the digital marketing course, which covers the fundamental concepts, including keyword research methods, on-page SEO, inbound link building and finding influential websites to support online PR approaches.

In this module, you will learn about various SEO tools and algorithms. In a nutshell, learning SEO will teach you how to get a higher ranking for a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, it also teaches how to increase the visibility of a brand and increase brand awareness.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Online Advertising

PPC courses in the digital marketing syllabus will help you learn the basics of online paid platforms such as Google Ads and other social media platforms ads. This course will assist in mapping out the target markets, retargeting campaigns and customer acquisition costs.

You will also learn to evaluate the margins and compare cost-per-click to basic metrics such as Average Order Price (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to achieve profitable sales in the long run with this digital marketing course.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

SMO training is another crucial aspect of digital marketing that will help you build an effective strategy to reach the marketing goals of a brand. The increased use of social media has transformed it into one of the core components of online advertising.

As an integral part of the digital marketing course, it teaches you to research and learn about the audience, create relevant content and manage communication on different platforms. Generally, it involves paid and organic social media marketing techniques, including Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Impression (CPM) and Cost-Per-View (CPV).

Web Analytics

The unifying framework behind the digital marketing arena is basic web analytics by comprehending the Google Analytics Courses. The topic presents you with the opportunity to learn with real data and analyse the visitor’s behaviour and decode their acquisition reports.

This topic of the digital marketing course will take you through the interface of google analytics, such as bounce rate, session time, page view and more. Once you learn web analytics, you will be a master in tracking the website visitor to the conversion funnel and extracting essential information from it.

Email Marketing

The email marketing module in the digital marketing course is one of the oldest yet most effective forms for brands to connect with their audience. This module aims to teach you how to generate new leads, get new sign-ups and target customers. Email marketing will get you perfect results and turn your visitors into loyal members.

A recent survey has reported that email account holders are higher when compared with social media account holders. It indicates the importance of email marketing for every business. Some of the primary components of this technique include announcements, newsletters, marketing offers and invitations for events.

Web Remarketing

Simply put, web remarketing is the process of implementing a Javascript tag to share targeted advertising campaigns to target consumers who have visited or taken a specific action on your website. In the module of the digital marketing course, you will learn about the fundamentals of remarketing and how to build a list to remarket the customers.

The course will give you extensive training on creating remarketing audience lists on Google Ads by tags and Facebook by using the pixel code. Moreover, in some courses, students will be allowed to explore the dynamic case studies on remarketing.

Mobile Marketing

As the name indicates, mobile marketing is the process of promoting one’s business through mobile devices. This module in the digital marketing course will help you learn how to promote your app, increase installations, analyse the metrics of the app and app store optimisation (ASO).

You increase engagement among the audience via in-app advertising, push notifications and messaging. The topic also focuses on organising mobile web analytics and display advertising methods.

Video Marketing

Video marketing in the digital marketing course will guide you to master script writing, execution of the script and how to market the video using the right digital platforms. The module will teach you how to strategize the content in a video so that it provides positive brand awareness. It will also help you understand the important elements that will help the video to go viral among the audience.

Website Creation

Most brands in the industry tend to create impressive and user-friendly websites to increase their credibility among the audience, deliver marketing messages and generate leads. It means no matter the size, every business should have a website. Due to such growing importance, website planning and creation also hold a key part in the digital marketing course.

The course will assist you in learning website creation from scratch on WordPress. It also covers every element and function of website building, from adding content and activating plugins to installing design elements.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another crucial part of digital marketing courses that enables marketers to attract the attention of the audience and convert them into customers. Creating high-quality content in the form of blogs, images, videos, and articles is an excellent way to optimise your website to get more visibility through search engines.

The course will teach you to create content in a way that will attract targeted customers. It also involves training sessions that delve into analysing the case studies on successful content marketing approaches for better understanding.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The syllabus of the digital marketing course involves the online reputation management topic, which involves the act of influencing the perception of a brand or business over the digital platform. The right course will amp up your expertise in ORM while explaining its significance by providing examples of various brands.

Furthermore, you will also learn to control the online presence of the brand by familiarising yourself with relevant tools and techniques. In addition, you will also grasp the concept of crisis management with a thorough understanding.

E-Commerce Management

The E-commerce management module in the digital marketing course involves the management of an e-commerce store and its activities to ensure a positive experience for customers. You will learn the significance of e-commerce, its types and how to create a shopping website from the very beginning.

Also, you will be allowed to explore the essentials of e-commerce management, such as marketing, product keyword research, supply chain management, packaging, shipping, inventory management, and uploading products. 

Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

A good digital marketing course with Adsense and affiliate marketing will help you leverage the power of Youtube and Google Adsense to generate profitable revenue from a website and blog. Simply put, it will train students to conduct a complete competitive analysis and market research to create a constructive strategy.

Final words

Digital marketing is one of the most critical and in-demand skills in today’s business landscape. The field requires one to stay updated and competitive to reach and engage potential customers. If you seek the right platform to learn about digital marketing, you have landed in the right place.

Our academy’s digital marketing course curriculum consists of every advanced module, including SEO Courses, PPC Courses, SMO Training, Google Analytics Courses, and Affiliate marketing, which is fully-industry oriented. You will learn to create and execute effective digital marketing strategies to enhance the growth of a brand while equipping you with the right skills to build a thriving career in the competitive realm.

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