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Become a Digital Marketing Professional- Learn Adwords

PPC is very influential for traffic generation on search engines and can provide you instant traffic and let you test real time new business strategies. However, the pay-per-click market is competitive. It is worth spending an extensive period of time learning how to write and target ads, tracking your competitors, and doing deep keyword research before jumping in.

Many people recently asked me about Google adwords training course. This post is going to show you how. There is a bit of confusion in this arena because Google recently changed how the entire certification program works. It is certainly a plus if you want to call yourself as a PPC expert. (But keep in mind that passing this exam alone does not make you an expert). Read more about how to become a self made digital marketing expert.

Google Adwords exam is free of cost and there is no money involved for appearing . If you make an attempt to pass the test and fail nothing to worry, you can try to make a re attempt for the same after a certain period of time.

Once you clear the exam and become certified as an Ad words expert, you can add that certification to your resume . If you pass the Adwords exam you can print the certificate which you can access through the Google Partners login.

PPC is a short form of Pay Per Click. PPC, a digital marketing formula used to price the click of every ad in search engine sponsored/paid results or the amount spent to get an ad clicked in search engine results. Also called CPC or Cost per Click. Pay per Click assists to yield a high Return on Investment giving immediate and accurate visibility of your ads in the top ranking of Google driving highly targeted traffic while creating brand awareness for your website or increase sales or ROI. Also helps business with its various highly targeting features to help spend your marketing budget wisely and on targeted audiences only.

Normally Ad words training course has a duration of 70 hours that has a focus on entire ability and your skill in PPC for making you a better PPC Specialist!

This PPC Google Certification course covers everything you need to know from What is Google Advertising, PPC website analysis, Google Ad Words keyword research, keyword categorization, campaign structuring, adcopy creation and ad quality score evaluation along with many other fundamentals necessary to understand and create high performing ads on SERP.

This Google Search AdWords features the latest topics taught by Ranjan Jena, Founder & CEO of eMarket Education who is a real-time practitioner in PPC Google AdWords with 12+ years experience in Digital Marketing.

After completing the course, you can demonstrate your skill and ability in managing small, medium or large PPC accounts having multiple keywords in a campaign account. Get confidence to develop PPC campaigns and it’s strategies to drive paid traffic and convert potential customers into leads or sale or increase ROI.

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