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Are Digital Marketing Courses Useful for Specific Job Profiles?

There is an overwhelming rate of individuals and organizations making their presence on various digital marketing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. According to Internet World Stats, more than 40% of world’s population i.e. over 3.3 billion people today are connected on internet through some or the other means. Interestingly, it was less than 1% in the year 1995 when internet had just began to become acquainted with the world. Even then around 50% of this Internet user base is from Asia. Since digital media channels have become so popular, there is a constant need of skill up-gradation for people who are entering and are already into this industry. Various institutes have come up with courses related to digital media and one of among the popular choices are digital marketing courses Mumbai can offer since it has some of the best training institutes.

The following are the various job profiles/ industry sectors where digital marketing skills will help you:

1) Marketing Professional: Digital Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most sought after skill for any professional who are engaged with any role in marketing and communications, digital media, public relations and advertising. It is very evident that a marketing professional with digital marketing competencies will surely get an edge over others in the competitive industry world. Many people who are already working in traditional marketing roles are concerned about acquiring the digital marketing skills, however they need to understand the fact that digital marketing is not replacing traditional marketing rather it is making a larger contribution for every industry and making marketing more integrated than before.

2) Sales Professional: Sales is another category where people working need to participate hugely in learning digital marketing skills. This can help to accelerate their career growth as it will add to their profile and open up new avenues in their overall career. Sales professionals can also make their presence on various social media platforms and leverage more customers’ database.

3) Entrepreneur or Business Owners: For every business owner today, whether small or medium it is essential to learn new skills to acquire customers as well as to retain them. Given the growing number of users on internet today, most of the buyers are there online.

4) IT Professionals: While it is not necessary for a digital marketing professional to know information technology, it is essential to a great extent for people with IT/Tech background to have a know-how of digital marketing. Engineers or technological people strong analytical skills and hence can grasp with digital marketing quite easily. A large number of IT solutions today are integrated with digital marketing today. There are also large number of vacancies for digital marketing professionals in IT companies.

5) Business Development Managers/Heads: These are the professionals who are responsible for the actual growth of the business and organization. As a part of customer acquisition, they need to frame various digital marketing strategies themselves or work closely with the digital marketing team to develop strong plan of action that can help them get the maximum return on investment (ROI).

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