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Google Adwords Course

Google Adwords Course | PPC Training Courses

Course Fee : Rs. 7,000
Estimated Duration : 15 hours.

Our Pay Per Click training program is suited for individuals who are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge in paid search engine marketing practices. This training course provides a detailed and practical approach to developing, structuring and managing a successful and cost effective Search Engine Marketing advertising campaign. Our PPC training Course mainly focuses on the top 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN). This training program will cover all the practical aspects of Google Adwords, targeting best practices for Adwords campaign structure, keyword selection, ad position preferences, and creative optimization.

Due to rising demand for Pay Per Click Marketers across the globe, skilled PPC specialists can afford the luxury to choose and pick their jobs. One can also use these skills to start their own entrepreneurial start-ups which are highly profitable.

Our Pay Per Click training course will help you to

What will you learn?

 What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
 History of PPC
 Online vs Offline Marketing
 How does PPC work?
 Evolution of PPC
 Google AdWords
 Importance & Benefits of PPC
 Basic of PPC
 Yahoo Search Marketing
 What is Keyword Research?
 Importance of targeted keywords
 Keywords popularity & Search Volume
 What is bidding?
 How to increase position on search?
 Importance of bidding techniques
 Difference in SEO & PPC keywords
 Selecting targeted / related keywords
 Categorizing keywords in Ad Groups
 What is Quality Score?
 Bid Management
 Competitive Analysis for bidding
 Researching for PPC keywords
 Analyzing competition keywords
 PPC keywords tools and resources
 Effect of Quality Score on bidding?
 User Defined bids and Automatic Bids
 Google Adwords Account Structure
 Language Targeting
 Budget Management
 Using Multiple Account
 PPC Campaign Structure
 Device Targeting
 ROI Management
 Using My Client Center (MCC)
 Location Targeting
 Campaign Management
 Conversion Tracking
 Create Effective Ads
 Example of Effective ads
 Ad Group Monitoring
 Google Adwords Editor
 Measurement of Title, Description URL
 Features of ads
 Google Adwords Tool
 Ad copy testing
 Ad Group Creation
 Keywords Spy
 Campaign Performance Reports
 Keywords Performance Reports
 Ad group Performance Reports
 Ads Performance Reports
 Day Parts Reports
 Traffic Reports


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Our Trainers

Harsh Pareek
Harsh Pareek

Savvy marketer having 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and have worked on 100s of successful campaigns for clients across the globe. Have been training since 5 years and have trained many professionals.

Deependra Singh
Deependra Singh

Having worked across verticals for almost 10 years, Deependra has a firm understanding of branding & marketing communications. He has developed the acumen of understanding client's goals & converting them into digital marketing strategy.

Harshad Rawool
Harshad Rawool

A Google certified professional with more than 8 years of experience in SEO & Digital Marketing. He is an experienced SEO and SMO specialist and has solid skills in Local Business Listing & Google Analytics as well.

Krishna Ganatra
Krishna Ganatra

Marketing Communications expert with 7+ years of experience. Digital Media Consultant for SMEs and start-ups. Worked with PR Consultancy, Media Management, Event Management, Marketing firms.

Mishuk Das
Mishuk Das

Digital Marketing Professional with more than 8 years of experience. Having experience across sectors like Healthcare, Ecommerce, IT and Entertainment, he is a seasoned professional in all things digital.

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh

Analytical expert with 10+ years of experience in Online Industry. Works with many agencies as consultant. Have worked with the top brands in India, training big corporates and have conducted many seminars.

Swetha Chilaka
Swetha Chilaka

Marketing Communications expert with 8+ years of experience. Digital Media Consultant for SMEs and start-ups. Worked with PR Consultancy, Media Management, Event Management, Marketing firms.

Zahid Shaikh
Zahid Shaikh

Strategic Internet Marketing Expert & SEO Specialist. Over 10 years of in Ethical Google Search Engine Optimization Services. Builds websites and optimizes them to drive more traffic through search engines.