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Google Analytics Custom Landing Page URL Builder

Got multiple online promotional campaigns for your website? Having tough time to identify which of your camapigns are performing and which ones are not? Create a custom tagged url for your website to get accurate reporting in your google analytics account. Just fill in the details in the form below and quickly create a custom url.

You can track all your marketing campaigns right into your Google Analytics account without even the need to make changes in the account. You can make Google Analytics track any of your marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website. All you need to do is attach the campaign information to the url of the landing page for which you want to track the campaign information.

For example, your website url is www.yoursite.com, the visitor source is yahoo, the medium is paid and the campaign name is summer sale. In this case your website url should look something like: www.yoursite.com?utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=summer_sale. Now every time a visitor visits this particular url, the visit will attributed to yahoo as a source, paid as medium and under campaign summer_sale.

Enter the parameters in the fields below click "Create URL".

What these parameters mean?

URL : This will be the URL of the landing page that you want to use in you campaigns.
E.g.: http://www.ibraine.com/services.html

Source : The advertising platform to which you want to credit the visits and conversions.
E.g.: google, yahoo, bing, etc.

Medium : The medium could be anyting like cpc, organic, referral, email, etc.

Campaign : The name of your campaign where you are going to use this url.
E.g.: Christmas Offer

Term : The keywords you want to assign, if any. Used for paid search.
E.g.: buy diamond online

Content : The content of your ad campaign. You can use this field to differentiate between identical campaigns with different versions of ads.
E.g.: Banner-Ad1


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