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google analytics courses

Google Analytics Course and Training

Course Fee : Rs. 7,000
Estimated Duration : 15 hours.

Learning web analytics is important because it helps you discover what is happening on your website and why is it happening. Information extracted from analytics can be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising strategies.

We offer in-depth Google Analytics Training Program which helps you understand your website traffic so that you can drive your campaigns in the right direction and thus improve the ROI of your online business. Google Analytics is a perfect tool to justify your marketing spends, generate more sales and reduce cost per conversion. Our advanced Google Analytics Training helps professionals make successful career in corporate companies.

What will you learn?

 Introduction to Google Analytics
 Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code
 Working with Report Data
  Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
  Traffic Sources

  Content Reports
  Time Metrics

  Conversion Reports
  Ecommerce Reports
  Account Administration
  Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
  Goals in Google Analytics
  Goals in Google Analytics
  Filters in Google Analytics
  Cookies and Google Analytics
  E-commerce Tracking
 Domains and Subdomains

Advanced Segmentation
Analytics Intelligence
 Internal Site Search
 Event Tracking and Virtual Pageviews
  Additional Customizations


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Our Trainers

Harsh Pareek
Harsh Pareek

Savvy marketer having 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and have worked on 100s of successful campaigns for clients across the globe. Have been training since 5 years and have trained many professionals.

Deependra Singh
Deependra Singh

Having worked across verticals for almost 10 years, Deependra has a firm understanding of branding & marketing communications. He has developed the acumen of understanding client's goals & converting them into digital marketing strategy.

Swetha Chilaka
Swetha Chilaka

Currently working as a manager and business sales partner, Swetha is experienced in Search Engine Optimization for over 7 years. She has launched more than 4000 websites so far and is an expert in digital marketing sales and training.

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh

Analytical expert with 10+ years of experience in Online Industry. Works with many agencies as consultant. Have worked with the top brands in India, training big corporates and have conducted many seminars.

Zahid Shaikh
Zahid Shaikh

Strategic Internet Marketing Expert & SEO Specialist. Over 10 years of experience in Ethical Google Search Engine Optimization Services. Builds websites and optimizes them to drive more traffic through search engines.